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Raytheon 3: All Gods at Dusk

CATE:NewMovies DATE:2018-12-29 READ:4764

Raytheon3:Gods and dusk Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

130Minute -type:action/adventure/comedy

director:Tiger•Wei Di Ti

To star:Chris•Heimsworth Kate•Blanchett

Plot:Sol, who lost his thunder hammer, was imprisoned at the other end of the universe,He had to find ways to get back to Asgard as soon as possible.,Stop the Destruction of Home and the End of Asgard Civilization,So called“Gods and dusk”。The plot behind the whole incident was the ruthless God of death, Haila.,She has a lot of power.,A whole new threat to the universe。But first of all,He had to survive a Deadly Gladiator duel,And what he had to face was his former comrades-in-arms.、Hawk, also a member of the Avenger Alliance。

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