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Poetic flowers over Tanabata

CATE:Activities DATE:2021-08-11 READ:872

,Dig deeply into traditional festivals“”,Traditional festival、、、Have a good traditional festival,811,Urban library united with Guangwai Street book branch,Invite Meng Yan, vice member of China Young Artists Association,It was held online using the selection live broadcast platform“”“poetry”,LineShangliuReader's super130。


,Successful registrationReaders made an appointment in batches to Guangwai street library branch to receive the activity production materials。,Teacher Meng first,Let us understand the worship of loyalty contained in the Tanabata cultureLove and beautiful feelings yearning for a happy life。,,。source material,、The composition design is carried out on paper,、,Elaborate production of,,。


,The finished embossed table lamp made by ourselves was displayed。,It also enhances the practical ability,,。

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